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German blacksmith anvils for sale

We have used blacksmith anvils for sale, including double and single horn anvils, industrial quality, old vintage and historic anvils. Also we have post vices, swage blocks, anvil bases and other blacksmith tools.  Anvil sizes range from 200 lbs to over 700 lbs.  Just click the images below to see our available double horn anvils, other heavy anvils, and historic anvils. Our mission is to find the perfect anvil for each buyer, where it can be used, treasured, and preserved.

We can arrange easy payment and shipping or pickup from Petersburg Va. 23803. In addition we have videos of each anvil for sale, available on request.   Call  Josh:   804 861 2788    Cell: 804 721 8100   email us  or contact us on Facebook

Brief Anvil History – small stake anvils to the mighty German Double Horn

 In the beginning 

Roman smiths used small primitive stake anvils. In contrast blacksmiths in the middle ages had large rectangular block anvils. Then anvil makers stood these blocks up on edge and added primitive feet. Also during that time anvil shops added 2 arch shaped niches on the front. At that point the church windows style anvil was born. In fact church windows anvils were used on their back or on end. Naturally the niches had many special uses.  In addition German blacksmith shops also had a lighter double horned stake anvil, referred to as the second anvil or the Field anvil (below left). Then for hundreds of years German and other blacksmiths worked with Church Windows and stake anvils.  During this time Blacksmiths working with these 2 splendid tools produced the finest blades, swords and armor, weaponry, and decorative ironwork in history.

The German double horned anvil – the masterpiece

In about 1880 anvil factories combined the double horned field anvil and the church window style anvil and made an anvil with a heavy central block and double horns. In the beginning the central block had a small outboard foot, almost like the church window center column. At first they served mostly for support of the working edge of the anvil. Then someone got the upset block idea and enlarged the outboard foot into a real  block. By 1885 upset blocks were full size. The classic double horn German anvil with full upset block emerged. From there blacksmiths quickly recognized it as the masterpiece and performance King of all anvils.

German blacksmith anvils for sale church windows double horned

3 main styles of German blacksmith anvils for sale from anvils4sale

Shipping anvils, cones, swage blocks, and other Blacksmith tools

First, we calculate the size and weight of the pallet loaded with anvils and other blacksmith tools.  Then we get the shipping cost to a business, depot or Fastenal store.  Often we can ship a heavy anvil for $200 or less (more expensive to a home address).   After all the costs are added up and everything is approved we palletize and load the anvil and/or other tools for free. While the anvil is being loaded we photograph it and then we email photos and the tracking information to the buyer.  Of course someone can also come to our shop, pick up an anvil and have some fun.

Payment for blacksmith anvils

Our goal here is to make Payment for Anvils and other tools as fast and simple as possible and totally secure.  First, the buyer can deposit the anvil payment directly into our account at Wells Fargo Bank – fast, free, no issues. Second, we can use Paypal  –  fast, simple, and secure but entailing a 3% fee.  Another payment method is credit card over the phone – this often involves several calls and also entails a 3% fee.   In addition we can receive payments in various other ways.  Naturally someone can arrive with cash in hand. In this case we advise bringing a little extra just in case something else catches their eye. Because we have a lot more coming (see below: Whats coming) we aim to treat you well, and thereby establish and maintain a positive and lasting relationship.

A note about Pricing

First of all, we price these anvils in relation to new prices for Refflinghaus and Peddinghaus  (Now Rigid tool) anvils because they are among the best new anvils. In fact sometimes we get these used, including the original German made Peddinghaus  anvils (100% confidence in these).  Naturally many of our old anvils are just as good as the new and besides that many also have craft and historic value. Although in principle some old anvils could be better/worth more than new, our prices are generally much lower. Additionally we discount most used anvils for wear and damage, and also for any performance deficiency. Another factor is our market experience selling similar anvils both on and off Ebay.  In the end our goal is to offer a fair and attractive price.            Peddinghaus/Rigid link             Refflinghaus link

Final Thoughts and considerations

Blacksmith anvils for sale available for immediate purchase and shipment

At this time we have a good supply of these anvils here and available for immediate shipping.  because there is good demand for these excellent anvils we sell them on a first come first serve basis. Naturally we try to be fair about it.

Whats coming

First, we will be adding videos for each anvil – you can request them now and we’ll send them. Also, we have more (exciting) anvils here ready to put on the site. At some point we will have more from new shipments. In the future we hope to be offering elegant hand hammers, a far superior line of tongs, ingenious anvil tooling, and mechanical and air driven power hammers of revolutionary new design. Some of this entails patents, but it’s coming.

Call  Josh:   804 861 2788    Cell: 804 721 8100   email us  or contact us on Facebook

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Call  Josh:   804 861 2788  or email us
We can arrange shipping or pickup from Petersburg Va. 23803.

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