8H10 – 512 lb South German

8H10 – $2,800 512 lb Reffinghaus South German Double Horn cast steel anvil.      Call  Josh:   804 861 2788  or email:   josh@anvils4sale.com

This anvil has consistent edge chipping damage, indicating a very hard edges. Otherwise it is excellent in every way,with original top surface crown.

Here we can see the perfect horn, top plate with original crown, and holes.  On the side you see the maker’s mark: ARS – August Refflinghaus Sons, the date of manufacture : 1978, and the weight:23 kg. The chipped edges are an easy weld repair (with skill). They were so hard that a  little softer might be better or at least good.   

Call  Josh:   804 861 2788  or email:   josh@anvils4sale.com